Comprehensive Audit and Assessment Services for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Qatar and the Middle East

The Importance of Cybersecurity Audit and Assessment

Industrial control systems (ICS) are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, emphasizing the need for robust security measures to protect devices and networks. However, many organizations lack awareness of potential cyber security gaps within their systems, making it challenging to secure all devices adequately. At Arista Middle East, our experts specialize in performing cyber security audits and assessments to identify potential risks associated with ICS. 

Using the right methodology and process, we analyze your systems, provide comprehensive reports, and offer recommendations. Our services empower your organization to make informed operational, compliance, and risk decisions related to ICS cybersecurity, asset lifecycle, and life cycle management.

Key Audit and Assessment Services We Offer

Compliance Assessments

We conduct compliance assessments based on industry standards such as OT Cybersecurity Framework, IEC 62443, NIST, QCERT, FIFA 2022, ISO 27001, and NERC CIP. Our assessments help ensure your systems adhere to the necessary regulatory and industry requirements.

CyberPHA/Risk Assessment

We offer comprehensive CyberPHA (Process Hazard Analysis) and risk assessments to identify potential cyber risks and develop strategies for mitigating them, ensuring a proactive approach to ICS cybersecurity.

ISA 62443 and NIST CSF Assessments

We perform assessments based on industry-leading frameworks such as ISA 62443 and NIST CSF, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your ICS cybersecurity posture and identifying areas for improvement.

OT Configuration, Policy, and Architecture Reviews

Our experts conduct in-depth reviews of your OT configurations, policies, and network architectures, identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending necessary enhancements to strengthen your overall cybersecurity.

Qatar NICS and FIFA 2022 Cybersecurity Assessments

As experts in the region, we offer specialized assessments for Qatar National ICS Security Compliance Standard (NICS) and FIFA 2022 cybersecurity compliance. Our assessments address the unique cybersecurity needs of organizations in Qatar and support compliance with QNICS and FIFA 2022 requirements.
How Our Services Work

Our Methodology for Audit and Assessment

Arista Middle East follows a systematic approach to deliver effective audit and assessment services for industrial control systems. Our process includes the following steps:


Scoping and Requirement Gathering


Data Collection and Analysis


Gaps Identification and Assessment


Evidence Collection


Report Generation and Recommendations


Road Map

Why Choose Arista Middle East

Trust Arista Middle East for Your Audit and Assessment Needs

Extensive Expertise in ICS Cybersecurity

With our deep understanding of industrial control systems (ICS) and cybersecurity, we possess the expertise required to conduct thorough audits and assessments that address your unique needs and challenges.

Focus on Qatar and the Middle East

We specialize in serving organizations in Qatar and the Middle East , ensuring our services are tailored to the regional context and compliance requirements, such as Qatar NICS, ISA 62443, NIST and FIFA 2022.

Comprehensive Reporting and Recommendations

Our reports provide detailed insights into your ICS cybersecurity posture, accompanied by actionable recommendations and roadmap to enhance your security controls, asset lifecycle management, and overall risk mitigation.

Strengthen Your ICS Cybersecurity Today!

Protect your industrial control systems in Qatar and the Middle East with our comprehensive audit and assessment services. Contact Arista Middle East now to schedule a consultation and ensure the resilience and security of your critical infrastructure.