Comprehensive Asset Management for Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity

Ensuring Visibility and Protection of Critical Assets

The Importance of Asset Management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Industrial control systems (ICSs) are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, posing a significant risk to critical infrastructure. Implementing security measures to enhance the cybersecurity posture of devices and networks is crucial. However, lack of awareness about the scope and total number of assets across organizations can make it challenging to secure all devices effectively.

Arista Middle East offers expert assistance in selecting the right tools and methodologies to capture an accurate inventory of your infrastructure without impacting the normal operations of your Industrial control systems (ICS). Our services enable better operational, compliance, and risk decisions related to ICS cybersecurity controls, asset lifecycle, and lifecycle management.

Key Features and Benefits of Our OT/ICS Asset Management Services

Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring

Our asset management services provide clear visibility into your infrastructure, enabling effective monitoring and ensuring that critical assets are well-protected against potential cyber attacks.

Improved Vulnerability Management

With a comprehensive asset inventory, we can proactively manage vulnerabilities by identifying the assets and implementing risk mitigation measures accordingly.

Effective Risk

By having a clear understanding of your assets, we can quickly identify and mitigate risks as soon as they become visible, minimizing the impact of potential cyber threats.

Streamlined Incident Response

An accurate asset inventory helps in determining the scope of incidents and expediting incident response, allowing for swift correction with minimal downtime.

Operational, Compliance, and Risk Decisions

Our asset management services enable you to make informed operational, compliance, and risk decisions related to ICS cybersecurity controls, asset lifecycle, and lifecycle management.
How Our Services Work

Our Methodology for Asset Management

Arista Middle East follows a systematic approach to deliver effective asset management services for industrial control systems. Our process includes the following steps:


Asset and Requirements Gathering


Tool Selection and Configuration


Asset Inventory Capture (Passive or Active)


Data Analysis and Validation


Reporting and Recommendations


Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Why Choose Arista Middle East

Trusted partner for Your Asset Management Needs

Expertise in ICS Cybersecurity

Arista Middle East has a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity, ensuring the highest level of asset protection for critical infrastructure.

Customized Solutions

We understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by organizations. Our asset management services are tailored to address the specific needs of critical infrastructure in the region.

Minimized Impact on Normal Operations

Our methodologies and tools are designed to capture asset inventory without disrupting normal operations of your industrial control systems (ICS), ensuring smooth and uninterrupted workflows.

Operational Excellence and Risk Mitigation

With accurate asset management, we enable better operational decision-making, compliance adherence, and risk mitigation strategies, enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of your organization.

Strengthen Your Asset Management Today!

Enhance the cybersecurity of your industrial control systems (ICS) and protect your critical assets with our comprehensive asset management services. Contact Arista Middle East now to improve your operational efficiency, compliance adherence, and risk mitigation strategies.