Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Convergence Solutions

Bridging Safety and Security for Resilient Systems in UAE and the Middle East

The Importance of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Convergence

 At Arista, we understand that functional safety and cybersecurity are intertwined in today’s complex and interconnected manufacturing industries. The convergence of these disciplines has become increasingly crucial as systems rely heavily on software and complexity grows. Both functional safety and cybersecurity failures can result in serious consequences, such as harm to people, damage to property, or environmental incidents.

Key Features and Benefits of Our OT/ICS Asset Management Services

Risk Assessment

Jointly assessing risks from safety-related failures and cybersecurity threats to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards and vulnerabilities within a system.

Common Frameworks

Developing common frameworks using established industry standards, such as ISA/IEC 62443, ISA/IEC 61508, and ISA/IEC 61511, that incorporate both functional safety and cybersecurity requirements.

Threat Analysis

Conducting threat analyses to identify potential cybersecurity threats that could impact system safety, considering attacks that compromise safety-critical functions or introduce hazards.

Defense-in-Depth Strategy

Designing a defense-in-depth strategy that addresses safety and security concerns by employing multiple layers of protection, including hardware safeguards, software security measures, access controls, and monitoring systems.

Security Risk Mitigation

Integrating security risk mitigation measures into the overall safety lifecycle, incorporating security measures during system design, development, testing, and maintenance phases.

Training and Awareness

Increasing awareness and providing specialized training to engineers and practitioners involved in both functional safety and cybersecurity, enabling them to effectively address safety and security concerns.
Why Choose Arista Middle East

Trust Arista for Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Convergence

Expertise in Safety and Security

Arista possesses specialized expertise in both functional safety and cybersecurity domains. With our deep knowledge and experience, we can help you bridge safety and security to create resilient systems that align with international standards and best practices.

Regional Focus

Our solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by organizations in UAE and the Middle East. We understand the regional context, industry requirements, and compliance standards , ensuring our services meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Approach

Arista takes a comprehensive approach to functional safety and cybersecurity convergence, considering the entire lifecycle of your systems. We provide end-to-end solutions, from risk assessment to framework development, threat analysis, defense-in-depth strategies, security risk mitigation, and training.

Strengthen Safety and Security with Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Convergence!

Safeguard your critical systems and protect against both accidental failures and intentional cyber-attacks. Contact Arista today to explore our functional safety and cybersecurity convergence solutions. Together, we can enhance the resilience of your manufacturing operations in UAE and the Middle East.