Robert Cooper

CEO of Company


We started our business when COVID 19 hit the world, when internet access is more accessible in remote parts of the world where even they is no water or sanitation facilities…so in the last few years As a result we have seen a lot, done a lot, know a lot and have learned a lot of lessons that we can apply to your project or program. It all began with a dream . . . .

Arista Technologies Limited was founded in 2021 by three technocrats that had the desire, dream, and vision to create a world free of cybersecurity threats for small and medium.

We strive to live up to our original charter and expand the value and depth of the services and solutions we offer.

Onum Company
Web Designer, Illustrator
Media Group

Photographer, UI Designer

Torex Company

Motion Designer, Illustrator

Nimkus 2000

PHP Developer, Photographer





Hard Skills

Just as a retail business in real life is remembered not just for its product offerings but also because of its services, support, and customer-friendliness, an app that offers a helpful customer support system for its valued users enjoy more traction and engagement than other apps. Great brands all over the globe enjoy appreciation and popularity because of their customer-friendly support and services.

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